Pañuelo Van Gogh Chrystalized Sunflowers

Pañuelo Van Gogh Chrystalized Sunflowers

Pañuelo Van Gogh Chrystalized Sunflowers

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Even after a century, Van Gogh’s paintings are still striking and etched into our collective memory. For designer Ka-Lai Chan, the enduring appeal of Van Gogh’s paintings lies in his bold use of colour and the distinct shapes that stand out from the background. Inspired by the paintings Sunflowers and Almond Blossom, Ka-Lai created a contemporary and fresh translation to use as a print for this eye-catching scarf.

Chan took the characteristic elements of these paintings and transformed them into colour gradients and crystallized works. By reducing the shapes in the painting to taut lines or simple cutting them out from the background, the allure of the overall shape and composition is revealed. It shows how recognizable Van Gogh’s paintings are, even without his typical brushstrokes! Chans modern translation gives a completely new dimension to the original paintings.

Puik Art – Amsterdam
Puik Art offers innovative and original products made by talented Dutch designers. Working together in a close partnership, Puik Art helps young designers launch their creations. For the Van Gogh Museum, Puik Art commissioned Ka-Lai Chan to design unique items. Ka-Lai specializes in creating interior design products.


Esta lujosa bufanda está hecha de modal y se siente maravillosamente suave. El modal es un material vegetal elaborado a partir de madera de haya. La finura es comparable a la de la seda. Peso ligero, súper suave y transparente • Acabado mate • Acabado con borde sin rematar de 1 cm • Estampado abstracto inspirado en los Girasoles de Vincent.

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Puik Art® especialmente diseñado para el Museo Van Gogh®
180 cm
70 cm
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