In the Picture: Portraying the Artist

In the Picture: Portraying the Artist

In the Picture: Portraying the Artist

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The role and status of the artist changes dramatically in the 19th century. The person behind the artwork gains importance and the artists’ portrait becomes a highly popular genre. Artists are keen to show themselves to the public, as both individuals and painters. In addition, the genre affords them the opportunity to use themselves as models.

The point of departure are Vincent van Gogh's self-portraits, 'Self-Portrait with Bandages Ear' (1889) amongst others. This iconic self-portrait offers an intimate reflection of Van Gogh's emotional state at the time, while also being a powerful statement of his identity as an artist.
The approximately 70 featured works, by artists including Vincent van Gogh, Gustave Courbet, Egon Schiele and James Ensor, as well as numerous female artists such as Thérèse Schwartze, Helene Schjerfbeck and Charley Toorop, provide a multifaceted insight into artists’ portraits.


Paperback, available in English and Dutch • 208 pages, c. 110 illustrations • By Nienke Bakker, Ann Blokland, Joost van der Hoeven, Laura Prins, Lisa Smit en Wieteke van Zeil.

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