Van Gogh Franz Collection® Teaspoon Irises

Van Gogh Franz Collection® Teaspoon Irises

Van Gogh Franz Collection® Teaspoon Irises

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Fine porcelain teaspoon decorated with a three-dimensional irises, especially created for the Van Gogh Museum by Franz Collection.

Established in 2001, Franz Collection’s unique style and craftsmanship, integrating Chinese and Western aesthetics, has won numerous awards and gained a dedicated global following. The brand has managed to incorporate its roots in the original founding city of the porcelain process: Jingdezhen, China. Here the process of perfection starts as no other city in the world can claim ownership to this 1700-year-old art form.

Each Franz item is elaborately made through hundreds of manufacturing procedures with the finest clay and their ‘secret’ glaze ingredients. With environmental protection in mind, the company saves energy and reduces the emission of CO2 by using a new formula to lower the firing temperature, striving to do no harms to the earth in the manufacturing procedures.


Handmade porcelain spoon • Comes well protected in a Franz Collection gift box.

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Franz Collection specially designed for Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam®
14 cm